And I Glow : the live sessions

by Mally Smith



Part 3 of a 3-EP release!

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released May 19, 2017

recorded at The Heath St. Manor
engineered & mixed by Tom Bianchi
Mally Smith vocals & acoustic guitar
Meryl Ayres, Caity Richards & Alle Santiago harmony vocals



all rights reserved


Mally Smith Somerville, Massachusetts

Mally Smith is a singer-songwriter living in Somerville, MA. Reminiscent of Shawn Colvin or a young Joni Mitchell, Mally combines tasteful guitar playing and poetic lyrics with a voice that will melt your heart. Mally released her first solo album on December 8th at The Burren in Davis Square. ... more

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Track Name: Lonely
Are you lonely?
I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes
Are you lonely?
The weight of your smile, the weight of your smile

You sit alone in your empty home
A neon box to keep you warm
I know the road that you chose
To follow on your own
It’s all you’ve ever known
All you've ever known

Are there songs still?
I see them in your eyes, I see them in your eyes
Are there songs still?
Are there any words to write, any words to write?

Mine begin so new
but I can’t follow through
They all seem to circle back to you
Though I cut the line
Of our space and time
I see it in your eyes

We both know we’re far beyond the end
And you will search until you’re dead
I was not the one to make you stay
So why do you now look at me that way?

You loved me
I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes
And I’m lonely
With too many words to write
Too many words to write.
Track Name: And I Glow
I am the moon and I glow
I am your blood I will fill you up

Tremble the sound when my heat strikes ground
Bend in the trees, I am the storm that buckles your knees

But am I too bright for you?
Am I too big for you to hold on to?

Remember my mouth on your mouth
I bare the teeth that make you bleed

But am I too bright for you?
Am I too big for you to hold on to?

For I am the moon and I glow...
Track Name: The Moon's Song (once I was a coyote)
Oh I sing to the moon
And hope she’s listening to me

I keep wandering off
Into the night
My heart gets so lost

So I sing to the moon, to the moon
Are you listening?
Up there so high
Is the melody you’re light?
‘Cause oh its mine

Oh I sing to the moon
I know she’s listening to me
Track Name: Simple Now
All is simple now
Her body in the ground
The fog is rising high
A still and slow goodbye

Carmen, how you loved
My father, your son
He taught me how to sing
And now my heart has wings
It has your wings

Some day life will end
And I’ll be ready then
For I will sing and love
It’s so simple now, that’s enough

Snow is falling down
Breath moves in and out
The sun is sinking low
Carmen, now I know
That all is simple now
Track Name: Keys
In the days when
We were in between
I thought that you would come back
To me

You held on to the only thing
That bound you to me
You cowered in your distance
Just dangling my keys
In front of me

When we moved so fast
I told you I was afraid
But you wouldn’t let me turn my back
And run away...

You said “Oh, I will hold
all of your soul”
So I let go
And fell farther than
You could go
You will never know

So you kept my keys there
Just sitting on your shelf
Gathering cobwebs
While I cried in Boston
By myself
Track Name: I Am Wide As A Wall
I am wide as a wall
Stone by stone
I can’t hold anything
and I am wide as wall

I am high as a bird
On the wing
I will sing anywhere
and I am high as bird

Will you come and bring me back home?

I am loud as the sun
Flame by flame
I can’t hear anyone
I am loud as the sun

Will you come and bring me back home?
All that I am, all of the unknown

I am bright as the sea
Wave by wave
I will change endlessly
I am bright as the sea

I am wide as a wall